Friday, April 25, 2014

Sun in Libra (Why is Sun Debilitated in Libra?)

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Today, I will discuss with you the reason why Sun is considered to be debilitated in Libra. For understanding the logic behind this, we have to understand the nature of Sun and zodiac Sign Libra.

  • What is Sun? Well, in Vedic Astrological system, Sun is considered as the King of the Zodiac, so he likes to rule while sitting in the throne. He gives order to the people to go and do different tasks related to every affair of the state. 

He seldom visits the corners of the places, maybe once in a month or two months. His work is to run the court and listen to different matters offered by the courtiers. Also, Sun represents you father, your soul, your Ego, and higher authorities in your life.

  • Now what does Libra signify? Libra is 7th zodiac sign which is ruled by a sensual, peace and fantasy loving planet Venus. Venus loves to have love relationships and also loves to go into places to form relationships.  It wants balance in your relationships, love/marriage relations as well as business relationships. Now Sun comes into the Libra, what will happen?

Sun has to move out of the throne and has to go to different places to have relationship. Sun's dignity is now in challenge because, no one will respect him the same way as he is respected in the court.
He gets hurt when people don't pay him the attention and respect same as he is offered as a King. He gets depressed and is not able to feel good.  That is why Sun is said to be debilitated.. if he is able to make good relationship then he will feel good but if not then gets hurt a lot.

People having Sun in Libra are driven by their ego to have relationships, if they are not in a relation, they feel depressed and in that way, generally they will have a number of relationship in their life because they can't live without it. If they are without relationship, their ego is weak and they feel depressed.

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REFERENCE : KRS Channel, youtube.

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