Friday, March 14, 2014

Arudha Lagna in your Birth Chart

today, I came to know about this another term in Vedic Astrology, "Arudha Lagna".  I don't get much of it but let me share with you, whatever I understood.

First of all "Arudha" is a Sanskrit word which mean 'Half'.  Before going further to its importance and meaning, let's us know how to calculate Arudha Lagna in our birth chart.

Here are the steps to calculate Arudha Lagna:

  1. Look at what house your ascendant lord (Lagna Lord) is placed and count the number of houses apart it is situated from your first house(Lagna). Counting is to be done along the placement of the zodiac signs in their correct order. 
  2. Now go the same number of places forward from the house where your Lagna lord is placed and that is your Arudh Lagna. (This is the information that I got from Kapiel Raaj of KRSchannel).
Example: Let's suppose your Ascendant sign is Libra. So Libra becomes the 1st house. Now if Venus(Ascendant lord) is situated in Sagittarius i.e. 3rd house.
Arudha Lagna in Libra Ascendant
So Venus is 3 houses apart from your Ascendant sign. Now putting your finger at Sagittarius and counting 1, take two steps further, you will reach at Aquarius in the third count. So Aquarius becomes your Arudha Lagna. And Saturn is your Arudha Lagna Lord.

Exceptions: I read two other articles on internet and according to them Rishi Parashar gave exception to the above rules. Here is this:
If your Lagna Lord is situated at 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses of your birth chart, then you will deduct 4 houses from the final count. Means you have to less for counts in the second step above mentioned.

Example: Let's say your Ascendant lord of Libra Sign is placed in the seventh house of Aries. You will not count 7 houses further from Aries but, you will count only 7-4 = 3 houses further. So, Aries, Taurus and Gemini (9th house) becomes your Arudha Lagna.

What does Arudha Lagna Signify? Well, Arudha Lagna is not your true personality but this is the personality which people think of you. This is how you appear in the Maya world, in materialistic world of money and power.

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