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Mooltrikona Signs/Houses of 7 Planets

Hi, Have you ever wondered what fortunes a planet is going to bring you in certain house when the planet itself rules two houses.

For example say, Mercury is placed in the 2nd house in your birth chart and mercury itself is lord of the sign Gemini(say 9th house) and Virgo(say 12th house).
Gemini being the 9th house of your birth chart becomes the house of luck and fortune for you but 12th house is termed as, say bad house.

Now Mercury is placed in your 2nd house which is the house of your savings, accumulated wealth, speech etc. What will mercury do to your house of accumulated wealth, will it bring fortunes for you or is it going to spoil the house?
Mooltrikona sign of a planet

However what I am going to share is not the only criteria to give you the answer but in general rule planet feels more responsibility for its Mooltrikona sign. See, each planet except Sun and Moon, rules two houses. For example Venus rules over Taurus and Libra and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Now among those two signs planet has one of them as its mool-trikona sign or you can say is its main/permanent house.

Other house may be considered as his vocation home. So, if Mercury is placed in your 2nd house, it will be more responsible for the 12th house because Virgo is the mool trikona house of Mercury. I hope you understand my point.
Below is a list of the of the planets with their ruling houses and their mooltrikona signs(searched from many other articles):

                 PLANET         LORD OF                         MOOL TRIKON SIGN

  1. Sun                          Leo                                       Leo
  2. Moon                        Cancer                                Taurus( 4 - 20 degrees)
  3. Mercury                 Virgo, Gemini                          Virgo
  4. Saturn                     Capricorn, Aquarius                 Aquarius
  5. Mars                        Aries, Scorpio                        Aries
  6. Venus                      Taurus, Libra                         Libra
  7. Jupiter                      Sagittarius, Pisces                  Sagittarius

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