Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7th lord in 1st House and your Love and Legal Relations

See, if you don't know how to find the 7th house in your chart please visit another article written here in this blog on this topic. Today, I am going to tell you what I learned about results you will get when 7th house lord is placed at the 1st house of your birth chart.

To understand this in logical manner let's, first understand what does 7th house signify and what the first house signify.
7th house in your birth chart is the house of spouse or say legal marriage partner, this house governs various other legal partnerships such as your business partnerships or any other partnership with people in general.
Now, what does your 1st house represent? It represent your self, your physical body as a whole.

So, can you judge what will happen when 7th lord comes into your 1st house? See, as the 7th lord will represent either your spouse or your other legal business partners so, this shows that you will have people coming to you for the marriage and business partnerships. You don't have to go to them but what kind of partnerships they will bring with them depends upon the 7th lord and the sign of the first house.

If the 7th lord planet is comfortable with the zodiac sign of 1st house, this will result in a harmonious marriage with your spouse, you will identify yourself with your spouse. You have to be in relationship to identify yourself. You will feel lost if you are not in a relationship.

For you, your partner is your identification way if its not there you will feel that you have lost your self.  If 7th lord is not comfortable in the 1st house, for example Sun is not comfortable with Saturn and also with Venus, then Sun is going to trouble you.  You have to remember that your ascendant lord is your identification and if he is not comfortable with someone then that someone is going to trouble you. This is logical and you have to see the desired results accordingly.

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