Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10th lord in 3rd house of your birth chart

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So, what happen when 10th lord of your birth chart goes into the 3rd house? Well, we have to understand first that what is 10th house and what is 3rd house okay?
10th house represents the surroundings at your career place, it represents your father or some higher authorities in your life such as govt.

3rd house represents your courage and efforts, day to day surroundings, your siblings, your neighborhood, your hands, communication in day to day life and short distance travels.

Now lord of 10th house comes into the 3rd house, what will happen? Well, this will bring a lot of communication in your day to day activities related to your career, maybe you have to travel a lot in your surrounding places for your career so,your career could be marketing or media.
Now as third house is also a house of communication, specifically with your hands, so this position shows that you would love to write a lot in connection with your career, so this makes you a very good writer, may be a very good blogger. Your writing may become your career.

This also shows that you have to put a lot of efforts at your career place to get the success but you will be courageous in doing so. This also shows that you will be authoritative or will try to dominate others in your work environment and so this might not be a good position for this reason, because no one loves being dominated all the time.
It doesn't matter that other person is older or younger to you, the tendency to dominate others will prevail. May be your father was a dominating personality who dominated you in your childhood and now you have learned it from him, similarly it shows that your father loves to communicate about your career a lot.
3rd house also represents your siblings, so this shows that you will be the authority among your siblings, if they are happy with that, this may be a good position but if not, this may bring power struggles with your siblings.

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