Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Horoscope Matching on the basis of Planetary position

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Today, I watched a video on youtube in KRS Channel run by Kapiel Raaj in which for me, he explained a new way of horoscope matching. I learned few things about the Ashta-Koota system but, didn't knew much about looking at the planetary positions which according to him are best way to match the two of your horoscopes.
What he did was something different than the Ashta-Koota system which is based on your Rashi(Moon sign) and Nakshtras. I think in Ashta-Koota system a lot of importance is given to the Moon and it sounds reasonable also because Moon is nearest planet to the earth and rising of the ocean tides is the biggest example of its influence on the earth.
At the same time we must not forget about the importance of the other planets in our birth chart. Each planet is a Kark of something such as Sun is Karka of Father, Moon is of mother, Mars is of courage, Mercury of intelligence, Venus of spouse, Jupiter of wealth, Saturn of longevity, Rahu of Desire and Ketu of emancipation.

In that way we can say that judging the matching of the two horoscopes solely on the basis of the Moon sign and its Nakshtra can misguide us. I read few other articles on the internet here which talk about the importance of the planetary positions in the two charts.
What we have to do is to super-impose the two charts and then we have to see what is the effect of the planets on each other's chart. I think this can not be explained with words as it can be explained with the help of two charts which exactly Kapiel did but, still I will try to explain a little.

Suppose there are two charts one of the Virgo Ascendant and another of Capricorn Ascendant.
Now suppose the Venus of the Virgo ascendant is in the 4th house and Venus of the Capricorn ascendant is in Gemini in the 6th house.
Now if we super-impose the second chart into the first we have to put the Venus into the Gemini in the first chart. Gemini is ruling the 10th house of career. Than we have to see what effects it is producing.

If we get good effects that must be a good match right?
This makes a lot of sense than the Ashta-Koota system which uses the factors such as Varna, Vashya and Yoni etc. Some astrologers say that Ashta-Koota system is least important as compared to the Planetary matching and Kooja dosha check.

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