Sunday, May 11, 2014

8th lord in 9th House

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How you doing? I was wondering what will happen if the 8th lord is in the 9th house of your birth-chart. I watched a video in Youtube created by Kapiel Raj of KRS Channel. I understand the logic he shares behind his words, so what ever I am going to post here today comes indirectly from him but in my own words.
First we have to understand what is 8th house and 9th house.

  • 8th house is the house of sudden transformations, secrets, family of your spouse and your combined assets with your spouse, house of occult and underground things such as oils and jewel mines. 

Sudden transformations also include the birth and death, so this is the reason that people are afraid of this house. This is also the house of the secret relations that you have with you spouse, i.e. sex and pleasures.

  • 9th house is the house of the higher education, philosophy, religion, teachers, foreign travels and considered as your house of luck. This is a house which everyone wants to be safe and powerful in their birth chart.
  • When 8th lord goes into the 9th house, this means that the lord of the 8th house is bringing its energy into the 9th house. Thinking logically, you may say that 8th lord will bring the sudden transformations, secrets, family of your spouse, occult sciences, matters related to underground things in your life through the energy of the 9th house.

 This shows that you will get sudden transformations in your religious beliefs, your higher education path, your links with you Gurus may change abruptly, you may share many secrets related to your travel journeys to foreign lands. You may love to build your combined assets with your spouse at foreign lands. You may love to go with your spouse to foreign land and may enjoy a lot of romance but it will bring sudden transformations to your religious beliefs.

Foreign travels may also become the reason of your death because 8th house is also known as the house of life and death.

  • Now depending upon the lord who rules the 8th house, will give us the different results. For example let's us say Sun is ruling the 8th house, as you know Sun represents your Ego, and self esteem too, this shows that your Ego and Self Esteem has sudden ups and downs when you travel to foreign lands. 
Your relation ship with you father is also represented by the Sun, so they may also fluctuate suddenly when you are into the foreign travels, higher education, religious matters or into your higher education.
  • Now let's say Mercury is ruling the 8th house, this will sudden changes in to your philosophical views, your religious views, your relationship with teachers and then you would love to communicate to the world about those secrets, sudden changes related to the 9th house through the communication skills of Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, so you may love to write about the secrets and sudden experiences related to the 9th house.

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