Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exalted or Debilitated Planets

Every planet has their own characteristic and nature just like humans have. Planets have to take one of the 12 signs in your birth chart. Among those twelve houses each planet will have a particular house as  its favorite place.
This place/house if occupied by the planet, its exalted or happy. Similarly there are houses which a planet finds difficult to live in or is not happy about. In such houses planet is known as debilitated.

I will list here the houses for each planet where planet is exalted and also the place where planet is debilitated. Degrees may not be correct or precise and I will update them once I confirm them.

         Planet                    Exalted in                          Debilitated in

  1. Sun                         Aries  (19 degrees)               Libra (19 degrees)
  2. Moon                      Taurus (4- 20 degrees)          Scorpio
  3. Venus                       Pisces( up to 27 degrees)     Virgo( up to 27 degrees)
  4. Saturn                      Libra(21 degrees)                Aries  (21 degrees)
  5. Mercury                   Virgo(15 degrees)               Pisces (15 degrees)
  6. Mars                        Capricorn (28 degree)         Cancer(28 degrees)
  7. Jupiter                      Cancer(up to 15 degrees)     Capricorn(up to 15 degrees)                        
  8. Rahu                        Gemini(up to 15 degrees)      Sagittarius( up to 15 degrees)
  9. Ketu                        Sagittarius( up to 15 degrees)  Gemini(up to 15 degrees) 
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