Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5th lord in 2nd House of your Birth Chart


What happens when 5th lord is placed in the 2nd house of your birth chart?
First of all you must know how to know your birth chart so, please go to this article written on finding your 12 house.
Now, let's find out what the 5th house and 2nd house carry inside for you.

  • 5th House: According to Kapiel Raj, 5th house is the house of your creativity because its 3rd from 3rd house, children, education, house of romance, fun, playing games, self expression, past life deeds into this life & speculative businesses like entertainment business, stock market etc.
  • 2nd House: is the house of your values, what you value in your life, what you earn in this life, your family specifically in your early life.
So, when 5th lord goes into the 2nd house means, this person earn their money through creative expression, speculative business and their work becomes fun for them. This also means that your children might be a source of income for you.
Your children might get involved in your business in your later life and may bring money for you. Your hobbies becomes your earning sources.

  • If Sun is the 5th house lord. Sun represents the Govt. or father, so, one may follow his father in his speculative business to earn his wealth. You may derive your income through creative pursuits because Sun also shows your soul so, you may follow your self expression. 
For this position Taurus becomes the 2nd house so, you may be a singer, a dynamic personality. You have a authoritative voice in political arena.
  • If Moon is the 5th house lord: This means that you are emotionally attached to your children, your career and you are emotionally attached to your creative self expression. You might be a person for whom their children might become their business because moon is about mother, about nourishment. 
  • If  Mercury is the 5th house lord:  These people may become very good singers, speakers, mimicking and someone who can be a good writer. They may also procrastinate a lot about how to raise their children. They have to have a support of some other planet either Mars or Saturn to run their business. 
  • If Venus is the 5th house lord: These people can be very good singers, will have soft voice and will be passionate about their children. You may be interested in becoming a model who need a beautiful face.
  • If Mars is the 5th house lord: Mars is an energetic house so, you can become a very energetic speaker and you may run your speculative business because Mars aspects the 5th house through its 4th aspect.
  • If Jupiter is the 5th house lord: Jupiter is an adviser so you may become an adviser through your voice. You may be an adviser of an speculative business or accounting. You may be a great poet & great speaker. 
  • If Saturn is the 5th house lord: You feel responsible about you children but you had a lot of pressure of family in early life. Saturn will restrict your money in your early life but later in life you will shine like no one less. At the same time you may be a very good financial analyst and a very good businessman because money comes and goes. You have a great determination, discipline and work ethics so you can become a great businessman specifically in real estate because Saturn aspects the 4th house.
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