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Vedic Astrological System for Marriage Compatibility

In India most of the people consult the astrologer for matching the horoscope of the two individuals which wants to marry. The system which is used in north India is known as Ashta Kootas system.
According to this website, there are three factors considered in match making :

  1. Ashta Kootas
  2. Kuja Doshas
  3. Relationship of Planets
and many online websites use only the Ashta Kutaas basis for horoscope match which is of least importance. Kuja Dosha is also known as manglik Dosha which accounts for the ill effects of Mars.

  • Ashta Kootas
There are following eight factors which are compared and matched according to the vedic system are considered to be important mainly in Northern India:

  1. Varna Koota: This represents the individual nature of a person and is given a maximum weight equal to 1.
  2. Vashya Koota:  This represents the mutual attraction between the couple, if matches, is given a maximum of 2 points.
  3. Taara Koota/Dina Koota: For checking the mutual health and well being of couple this factor is given a maximum weight 3.
  4. Yoni Koota: with maximum 4 points, this represents the sexual compatibility of the couple.
  5. Graha Maitri: To check the intellectual and spiritual compatibility of the couple this factor is given an importance of 5.
  6. Gana Koota: This is given 6 points when matched and represents the temperaments of the couple.
  7. Bhakoot/ Rashi Koota: This is important for the emotional compatibility of the two and is given is maximum number of 7.
  8. Naadi Koota: This represents Vata(cold), pitta(Heat) and Kapha(phlegm) in the body and same naadi is not matched. A maximum of 8 points are allotted if matched. 
When we add up the maximum allotted points to the 8 kootas we get a maximum number 36. In general a minimum matching number of 18 out of 36 is highly recommended.
  • Kuja Dosha 
Kuja Dosha or Maglik dosha in any of the charts has to be checked for the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 10th house placement of Mars in both the charts.  Mars present in these houses will give ill effects to the marriage. However, if manglik dosha is present in both the charts, then it is said to get neutralized but, it is recommended that they must be of same intensity. 
Manglik dosha of 7th and house is said to be more harmful so, it has to checked properly.

  • Relationship of Planets
I will cover this topic soon..

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