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Venus in 3rd House and your Love Life

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 I don't know much about Venus placed in third house but, whatever I know, I will put it here. Okay?
Now to understand this particular position of Venus in your birth chart let's start with Venus.
  • Who is Venus? 
Venus is a planet which has its own energy and which affect your romantic relations and love life to a great extent. Venus is a peace loving planet and represents your spouse. Venus loves pleasures and art, love the perfumes and jewelry. If your Venus is placed at some good house in your chart you will have good results from your spouse or from your love relations.
  • How to locate the 3rd house?
Well, third house is the third from the first house, which is the house of your ascendant. House of ascendant is the house occupied by the ascendant at the time of your birth. Ascendant changes its house within about 2 hours so, if you want to have the correct Vedic astrological analysis, you have to produce your exact time and date of birth.
  • Which part of your life is governed by third house?
Each house has its own qualities and governs some part of your life. Now let's come to the part of live which is governed by the third house. After researching on internet, I found that the third house represents your hands, your siblings, your creativity, hobbies, neighborhood, communication, short distance travels, writing or anything that you do with your hands.
  • Combination of Venus and Third house.
After understanding the characteristics of Venus and the third house, let us combine the two and see what it has to offer in your third house. Lets discuss one by one. 
You will have very peaceful and harmonious relations with your siblings. Venus will try to help you to explore your hidden creativity. Your relations with your neighbors will always be harmonious. 

You will have love relations at your immediate locations, means you will not have long distance love relations even if you try to have those, they will not be harmonious and loving. Venus will make you a little flirty with your communication and you would love to flirt a lot. 

You will possess a charming personality and everyone would love you for it. You will be always be gathered around by the opposite sex and you may become fond of them. Remember once you are married or committed don't go on flirting with others because that may hurt your spouse.
 You are be a lover of arts and literature. You will become fond of books and you may become a very good writer. Writing romantic novels may be one of your best choices to work with. 

NOTE: There are other factors too which may further affect the above analysis such as, zodiac sign of house and any other aspects with beneficial or malefic planets but, surely Venus will still do its work. 

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