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12 Houses in your Birth Chart - A Map for your Life

When I downloaded a copy of my Kundli from the internet, I came to know about my Ascendant, Sun and Moon Signs. There are three Rashis(Zodiac) which mainly rule my personality.
One is my ascendant, Sun and Moon Rashis.
This was a Vedic Kundli and as I read on there were a numbers of interpretations based on positions of planets in the 12 houses.
I still have very little knowledge of astrology but, after reading a number of articles on Astrology, I have learned few concepts of it.

12 Houses in Your Birth-Chart

12 houses have their individual importance and each one rules some are of your life. In Vedic Kundli 1st house is the house where the ascendant was at the time of your birth. Then we go counter-clockwise to number the subsequent houses.

In the image below 1st house is always located at that particular geometric position. The numbering in your birth chart may be different because that numbering doesn't represent your Bhava-ghar, that represents the number assigned to each house. Such as Aries is at number 1, and Taurus at no. 2.
That is the permanent number, this doesn't have to do anything with your Bhava ghar. For getting bhava ghar number you have to locate the Ascendant and then put number 1 on that house. Here is the list of the 12 Bhava-Ghar:

  • 1st House : This house represents your self, body.
  • 2nd House: This house represents your material wealth, speech, kind of food you take, throat, your childhood education and nurturing.
  • 3rd House: This house represents the communication, your neighboring environment and younger siblings. Also this is the house of writing and communication.
  • 4th House: This house represents your family, mother, peace of mind. 
  • 5th House: This house represents your love affairs, children, gambling, leisure and creativity, seconday education.
  • 6th House: House of your enemies, diseases and the people of lower status whom you have to serve to.
  • 7th House: This is the house of your spouse, marriage and legal partnerships.
  • 8th House: This is the house of passions, accidents, sexual desires, death.
  • 9th House: House of fortune, travel, philosophy, foreign matters and spirituality, higher education.
  • 10th House: This is house of your career and your social status. Some people simply call it mid-heaven and call it as a house of father.
  • 11th House: House of you material gains, income and according to some this represents supports and protections in your life in the form of projects, friends and elder siblings etc.
  • 12th House: This is the end of everything, house of loss, difficulties, solitude and secrets. After gaining the material wealth through 11th house, in this house, one seeks for Moksha by loosing everything.
Now these 12 houses will have their lords and their placement in the chart will decide  each aspect of your life in terms of the above mentioned houses. If the beneficial planets are strong and malefic are weak then you will have everything in abundance.

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