Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jupiter in Pisces

Hello friend,
I was listening to KRS channel in youtube and I came to know about Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. So, let me tell you what I learnt.

  • What is Pisces?
    This is Kapiel telling about Jupiter in sign of Pisces

Pisces is about spirituality, imagination, peace and it is ruled by Jupiter itself. Some people say that Pisces is ruled by Neptune or Pluto but that is not true. Pisces is the feminine side of Jupiter.

  • What is Jupiter? 

Jupiter is Guru, is about expansion, he rules Pisces.
So, Jupiter is going to teach you spirituality, he is going to make you meditate and find your spiritual path. You may become a spiritual teacher.

  • Jupiter in Pisces

Pisces is not about religion so, you are not going to teach religion. You will not care who said what in what religion but you will explore the more divine realms.
So, Jupiter is calm here. You would love to meditate, or do Kundalini Yoga. You don't need to learn the scriptures and religions, you will get a deep intuition of your own by doing the meditations.
For example Saint Parashara  got the intuition and he found astrology. Here Jupiter becomes a Guru and you would love to teach people your intuitive knowledge. You don't want to teach the religion or scriptures but you want to teach what you get out of your own.

Now if you are a woman, you would love to have a husband who has a strong inclination towards spirituality or classical musician etc. For more about what Kapiel has to share with you please follow the link to his Youtube video here.

take care!

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