Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vedic Aastrology- introduction

If you have read my earlier post here then you will find that this is my first post completely about Vedic astrology. I will give you only introduction about it, because that is all as of now I have.
Rishi Parashara is known for introducing the Vedic Aastrology. He has written this Vedic science by use of which one can interpret the possible events in someone's life span. One can tell you your total life span, tour fruitful choice of career and the quality and quantity of wealth and love in your life.
All these predictions are made on the basis of the position of various planets at the time of birth.  In Western astrology much emphasis is given to the Sun sign but here all planets and their combination is taken care of. The ascendant is very much important which changes twelve positions in one day.
Nakshtra at the time of birth is also important, because it is taken as the basis to find out the vimshotari dasha. A number of events are based on it. Your Chandra Kundli and lagna Kundli are again very important.

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