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What does your signature tell about you?

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Recently, I had the opportunity to watch a TV program, this was a Jyotishi(Astrologer) who spoke about the importance of the signatures.
I will briefly write down the things he told everything else, is all up to you.

Everyone has their your own style of doing signature so, find out the characteristics in your signature and interpretations.
  •  First letter big, and others small :
If you have the first letter of your signature in capital and followed by small letters, that means you start your work with a lot of enthusiasm, and you are capable of doing it in your own way to finish it effectively.
If the size of the following letters decreases constantly, that means you started the work enthusiastically but it diminishes with the passage of time. It is not the case if the size the following letters is constant.
  • Unreadable, unclear words:
If you do the signature in such a fashion that the letters are hard to read, because they are much distorted than readable, then it shows that there are a numbers of difficulties in your way. You have so many wants to do good but your deeds are bad.
  •  Line below the signature: 
If you draw a line below your signature that means you want to look different, distinct among or from the crowd. At the same time if this line cut your words then you end up doing harm to your own self.  Now if you draw two lines below the signature then it shows that you need extra protection, you have the fear of something unknown and you also might be extra cautious with your money.
  • Writing with pressure resulting in the impression on the below pages:
It shows that you are a social person who love the co-operation with others. You love to do good for the others, and you are proud and satisfied with your deeds. You  find a lot of name and fame and you are a successful person in society.
  • Writing only first name but not the last name:
If you don't write the last name then there is a bad news for you, it shows the irresponsibility on your part.
  •  Doing signature in parts:
If the letters are non continuous, means not connected to each other then it shows that you are a clever person, who looks different than what you really are.
  • Writing with less pressure:
If you write in with very less pressure then it shows that you are not a social person. You might have a bad behavior. You expect much from others but you give less to them. You are less likely to be a successful person.
  • Putting dot at the end
If you put one dot at the end then it shows that you are satisfied with your job or anything that you do but putting two or more dots makes you an extra cautious person.

So that is all he talked about, now I want your views on this discussion. How much of this analysis is true for you?

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