Friday, April 19, 2013

Relationship-Astrology and Field Astronomy

Astronomers and the Surveyors are interested in finding the positions of the heavenly bodies in the universe all around us. They do it with the help of science named "Astronomy". In astronomy the earth is assumed to be a stationary body and the planets and the stars are moved relative to the stationary earth. All the observations are taken with  scientific instruments which are loaded with the high magnifying telescopes.

I can measure the angles to the accuracy of second place of decimal of the seconds. All the heavenly bodies are assumed to be studded to a sphere which has the earth as its center. Generally the longitude and latitudes are measured to fix up the position of a star. One interesting set of 12 nos. of constellations which are located in a great circle of the celestial sphere are to be dealt with by every astrologer.

These constellations are located at the fixed position in the sphere and can be located easily with naked eye and to more angular precision with the instruments. The constellations are named as Aries, Taurus, Gemini and up to Pisces, which you might already have read about. So once you know their relative positions, and the position of the stars and planets, you can start the process of telling the predictions on the basis of the astrology.

In astronomy one can locate the position of any heavenly body of interest, if its motion is studied well before. It becomes quite easy to tell the relative position of the planets, like Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and moon etc. if the motion is understood in well manner. So it is all about the location of the heavenly bodies.

Astrology: Astrology is known to be a pseudoscience which claims to tell someone's personality(Physic and psychic), future, past and the remedies to improve their life. It is based on the assumptions that the few stars and the planets of the solar system effect the life of people living on the earth. The planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars,  and the star like Sun are having some powers and blessings for the person, and their extent depends upon the position of these planets, in the 12 zodiac houses, and their position relative to each other at the time of the birth of the person.

In the Indian astrology, all of these planets are the lord of the one or the other 12 zodiac signs, for example the Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac(house) Sagittarius and the Pisces. Similarly the Mars is the lord of the Aries and Scorpion. Some planets are friends to each other and some are rivals to each other.

So, the position of planets in the zodiac and their relative position with other at the time of birth, is of importance to know their good effects and the vice verse. If the location are predicted in a right manner then the chances that the predictions are right are more. Generally astrologers get the knowledge of the math behind to calculate the position of these planets and stars but the whole base is the astronomy.

The new planets and the true positions are checked by the astronomers. The astronomy is a pure science which has so many uses and astrology is one of them. People in India use the astrology in almost every occasions, and some wear the precious ornaments, to improve their luck and the blessings, so it is of great interest to understand this whole system.

Astronomy has a wide scope, for example various time systems like, sidereal, apparent time, solar time, mean solar time, and their inter-relationships are presented to us in the ready made form but it is all the hard work of the astronomers. The hopes to find a new planet like earth is alive because we have a science like astronomy and many others.

Conclusion: It is a personal interest, perception and the experience of the people with the astrology, on the basis of which they either believe it or not. Astronomy is a pure science is it is widely used in many fields. The astronomy is the base of the astrology.

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