Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cure for Low self esteem with Vedic Astrology

Hi, I just watched a video by Kapiel Raaj in his famous Youtube channel KRS, about Low Self Esteem and its Vedic Astrological Cure. I thought this might be useful to you, whether this applies to you or anyone in your friend circle.
Cure for Low self esteem
What does it mean to have low self esteem? Kapiel explained it with an example, suppose you go to a party full of people. You were happy to go into that party, you were in a good mood but then you meet the people in there who were dressed in such a fabulous manner than you started comparing them to yourself. You start criticizing yourself and suddenly your good mood goes low.

You start getting jealous, and want to run away from the party. He gave another example, suppose you log in to Facebook and see that people are posting the photos of themselves with the new bought mercedes and you started comparing yourself. You start asking yourself, why don't you have that mercedes and then when you don't get the answer, you stop signing into the Facebook.

Now the question is why do people have low self esteem? Generally when people are over criticized by their parents, they will have low self esteem. In your birth-chart when the 4th house and the 10th houses are damaged by the malefic planets, it may result into the low self esteem.
Reason is because mother is represented by the 4th house and the father is represented by the 10th house in your birth-chart.
Now the remedy to the low self esteem is to Live in Now. Kapiel talked about Root Chakra Meditation and giving water to the Sun.
Giving water to the Sun is equal to praising the Sun. Sun is the planet who controls the root chakra and your self esteem.

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