Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nadi Dosha in Vedic Horoscope Matching

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I was having a marriage proposal but, I didn't want to marry because I have not seen even the face of the girl. I wanted to cut the talks immediately so, I asked the date of birth and the time of birth of the girl and did a quick online horoscope match analysis.

The result was 17/36 i.e. out of 36 only 17 Gunas matched so, as per Vedic Astrology this marriage is considered in-auspicious and I was instantly free. Well, I want to tell you about the Nadi Dosha in Marriage which governs 8 points among the total of 36 points.

There are 3 Nadis Adi(Start), Madhya(middle) and Antya(End). If two of your are having same Nadi, then you are a mismatch for each other as a marriage partner.  If you marry with Nadi Dosha then you will have problems to have children. You may have health problems and if you have children, they will be weak.
Nadi Dosha gets cancelled in certain cases:

  • If two people are born with same Rashi but their nakshatra are different.
  • If Nakshatras are same but Rashis are different, again it gets cancelled.
  • If Rashis and Nakshatra both are same but the Padas of the Nakshatras are different.
  • 5th house of both male and females should be properly checked because this is the house of children.
If Nadi Dosha still prevails then there are no perfect cures for it but, if you still want to marry then there are some rituals which you can follow to minimize the effects:
Chanting Maha-Mrityujya Mantra and offering grains, cow and cloth to a Brahmin. 

If you ask me whether I have experienced anything related to Nadi dosha, answer is no, but my uncles and others believe in it. This article is a result of what I learnt from them and other articles online on internet.

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