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Aspects of Planets in Birth Chart

Have you seen your Birth Chart? A Vedic Birth Chart shows the map of your life. In this map of houses 9 different planets take various positions. The house where a planet is positioned is most affected by the energy of the planet which sits in it but at the same time planet is able to see the other houses of the birth chart.

In other words, a planet sitting in particular house is able to send its energy to other houses which it can see. Imagine you sitting in the window of your house and a beautiful love partner sitting in another opposite house window.
Of course you get the energy(emotional) from the person in the other house which can be good or bad either. Now with the transfer of the energy that other house gets affected also. Similarly planets have their aspects on the other houses and depending on the placement of the planet, energy can be good or bad.

I will list out here the various planets with their aspects on the various houses. Energy, if good or bad, depends upon the good or bad placement of the planet with respect to the house and the other houses which it aspects.

There are two sets of planets:

  1. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus
  2. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu(North node) and Ketu(South Node)
The first set of planets are also known as personal planets and cast only conjunction and opposition.
The second set of planets also cast the conjunction and opposition but in addition Jupiter casts trine; Mars casts the forward square and the forward quincunx; Saturn casts the forward sextile(3rd aspect) and backward square(10th aspect) and at last North node(Rahu) casts trine like jupiter.

Here is the list of the planets and their houses of aspects with respective strength in %.

S.No.       Planet/Planets            Aspects on houses and planets Nos.(strength in %)
  1.       Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus                  1st and 7th (100% Strength)
  2.       Mars                                                       1st, 4th, 8th(100%)  and 7th (25%)
  3.       Jupiter                                                     1st, 5th, 9th(100%) and 7th (50%)
  4.       Saturn                                                     1st, 3rd, 10th (100%) and 7th (75%)
  5.       Rahu(North Node)           1st, 2nd (Purva paapa), 5th, 9th(100%) and 7th(75%)  
  6.       Ketu (South Node)                                    1st, 5th and 9th(100%), not on planets.     
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