Thursday, March 13, 2014

Saturn in 2nd House of your Birthchart

Today I am going to discuss with you what happens when Saturn is in the 2nd house of your birth-chart.

First of all we must understand the Saturn and its aspects and then the house in which it resides and aspects too.

Saturn is termed as a natural malefic planet because Saturn is about delay, rules, restrictions and discipline. Saturn aspects 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from its placement. So we must also understand those houses too.
Here second house is the first house of Saturn so, it will aspect 4th, 8th and 11th house too. It is assumed that Saturn's 3rd house aspect is much stronger as compared to the 7th and 10 house aspects.

Second house in your birth-chart is the house of your savings, your family assets, your speech, the kind of food that you intake and your constant saving assets.
4th house is the house of your family, your mother in specific, your childhood and childhood nourishment and your peace of mind.
8th house is known as the house of transformation, occult, death, your joint assets with spouse or partnerships and sexuality.
11th house is the house of gains, friends etc.

Now if you apply the logic, Saturn in 2nd house will restrict the family assets of the native maybe by separating the native from his family in early life or childhood, even if assets are there there will be strict rules and native will feel trapped. Even money savings until a particular time period will not be there.

Aspect on the 4th house will create problems in the relation with the mother, mother nourishment may be lacking and peace of mind will not be there. Also it may result a pressure on the mother because it will be difficult for her to handle or nourish the child under some extra pressure. This position is good for the relationship with native's uncle.

Aspect on the 8th house will give the native a long life but the joint assets with the spouse and business partners might be restricted for certain time period of life.

Aspect on the 11th house will restrict the gains of your effort. Native may be a doctor, Engineer or may have very good knowledge in the world but the amount of money which comes in the form of income will be 1/4 or 1/3rd as compared to the others of the same level of people.

Remember Saturn will release the native from all the restrictions to their wealth and peace of mind once he has taught them the way and importance of things. So after the mid-life of the native these people are the one who will become the wealthiest in the world because they know and have learned all the rules.

It is assumed that at or after the age of 35, you will see Saturn giving you all the wealth that you haven't even imagined before.

I have referred to other people before writing this article and the main person whom I listen to and read these days is Kapiel Raaj and you can find him on Google through his KRSchannel.

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