Tuesday, March 18, 2014

8th lord in the 3rd House of your Birth Chart

Hi,  First of all if, you still don't know how to look out the houses in your birth chart please visit my another article on the houses in the birth-chart.

Now what if your 8th lord is placed in the third house of your birth-chart. For understanding the results you have to understand the importance of the 3rd house and the lord of the 8th house.

  • Importance of 3rd house : 3rd house is your house of short distance travels, writings, communication, siblings, your hands, your neighborhood and your day to day activities. 
  • Importance of 8th house: 8th house is your house of occult, secrets, sex, sudden transformations, death and also the house of you business  assets or marriage assets.
  • What does 8th lord have to do with 8th house?
When a planet becomes lord of a house, it has to carry out the responsibilities of that house. He has a kind of mission for your life to carry out the works of that house. So, a 8th house lord will provide you the results related to the 8th house attributes.

  • What will happen when 8th lord is in the 3rd house?
Well as 8th lord has to carry out the works related to the 8th house so, when it goes to the third house, he will try to make you communicate about the occult sciences or some secrets with your siblings. You are the person who has the habit of putting one secret from one neighbor to the ear of the other neighbor. You may become a person who is interested to write about astrology, Tantra, sexuality, life and death.
This may result in the sudden ups and down in your relations with the neighbors, siblings and also in your writing career. Even you may love to expose your sexual life with your siblings but at the same time your may become very much secretive about your siblings in front of the other world.

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