Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gemstone to get fruitful blessing from planets ruling your Natal charts.

Astrology and Gemstone: If you believe in astrology then you surely know that there are different gemstones which are prescribed by the astrologers to different people according to their ruling planets. They are supposed to attract the positive energy from the corresponding planet and give it to you, or in simple words you can say that these gemstones are the receiver of the blessings of the planet, or a way for the positive energy of the planet. There are a numbers of believers in the astrology and so it becomes an interesting topic to discuss with you.
Why to wear the Gemstone?
After looking at your horoscope the astrologers look for the planet which is beneficial for you, so to empower the effect of that planet on your life they will suggest you the corresponding gemstone to attract the energy from that planet.
When to wear Gemstone?
Generally it is recommended to wear the gemstone on the day of the week assigned to the planet. For example the Monday is for Moon, Tuesday is for Mars, Wednesday is for Mercury. They also suggest you the time and Mantra to recite while you wear your lucky gemstone.
Different Gemstones for different planets:
There are following gemstones which are suggested to get the results from the listed planet.
(1) Pearl - Moon
(2) Emerald- Mercury
(3) Diamond - Venus
(4)Yellow Saphire - Jupitor
(5) Blue Saphire - Saturn
(6) Ruby - Sun
(7) Red coral - Mars

They are to be wear generally on the ring of the gold or silver. 
Similarly there are lucky metals for the different planers. For the moon and Venus it is Silver. For Saturn it is iron.
I have written the article just for your knowledge, I am not a believe or non believer of astrology, I am just a reader and writer. It is all up to you analyse and apply it on your life.
I hope you enjoyed the read.
Thank you.

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