Monday, August 19, 2013

A book "Healing power of Gems by V.Rajsushila" review

You know that there are nine precious "Nava Ratna" gemstones described in the ancient scriptures specifically written by Varahamihira. I have written a article before this one in which I have named them and written their planets. I recently bought this book written by an Indian Author "V. Rajsushila" titled as "Healing power of gemstones", in this book detailed description of the

  • gemstones,
  •  their respective planets, 
  • how to select the gemstones for you, 
  • selecting gemstones on the numerology basis, 
  • on the first name basis,
  •  pooja for gemstones, 
  • Gems and diseases, 
  • Auspicious times and metals and conclusion are given.

It seems to be an useful book if you want to have more knowledge in this field. You can by this book in the digital format also from the online store like Flipkart.

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