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Know your Mahadasha Periods

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In this post I will introduce you to the mathematical logic behind your planetary Mahadasha periods. According to your time of birth and place, you were born under some specific Moon, Sun and Ascendant signs.
In Vedic astrology Moon sign plays a big role.

At the time of your birth, Moon, will occupy one sign among the 12 zodiac signs with some Nakshatra. There are 27 Nakshatras and each Nakshatra is ruled again by one of the planets of our astrological system.

Our whole life span is ruled by the Mahadasha. This will take 120 years to complete one cycle of Mahadasha of all the planets. Your Mahadasha is ruled by one planet at one particular time period of your life.
If you have studied your kundli/Birth Chart then you might have observed your Mahadasha chart also. you might have start of your Mahadasha with Rahu or Saturn or any planet depending upon your Nakshatra.
How do you know which Mahadasha starts with your birth?
Answer lies in the Nakshatra in which the Moon was situated while the time of your birth. Suppose the Moon was placed in the Gemini Sign in the Aridra Nakshatra then you are born with Gemini as your Moon sign(Rashi) and Rahu is the Nakshatra lord of Aridra so, your Mahadasha will start with Rahu Mahadasha.

Rahu Mahadasha is of 18 years then is followed by Jupitor Mahadasha and so on. Here is the Mahadasha in their correct order with their time period:

             PLANET                          Mahadasha   Period

  1. Rahu                                           18
  2. Jupitor                                          16
  3. Saturn                                          19
  4. Mercury                                       17
  5. Ketu                                             07
  6. Venus                                           20
  7. Sun                                              06
  8. Moon                                           10
  9. Mars                                             07
A person who is born with Aridra as their brith Nakshatra will go through the above mentioned Mahadashas in the given sequence. 
Now each of the these Nine Dasha Period will be further divided into 9 Antardasha periods which are again ruled by these nine planets.

This Antardasha period is further divided into 9 parts known as Pratyantar dasha to get more accurate predictions for you.

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