Thursday, November 21, 2013

Krrish 3 -A Mixture of Cancer, Capricorn and virgo

Bollywood movie to reach fastest at earning of INR 200 Crores within two weeks is a mix of many talents. This is a astrology blog, so let me go directly into that. As we know that there are 12 zodiac signs and according to western astrology, the zodiac is mainly ruled by the Sun.  Every person on this world is born with one of the 12 Sun signs.
I am an experimenter who does not believe by the face value of anything, I have to research it and, I think everybody do that to some level. What I have known so far about the Sun Sign compatibility is that, Capricorn and Cancer are a best personality matches for each other.
The lead male role is played by Hrithik Roshan who has given successful movies including few not considered successful in terms of money earning but are good enough.
He is January 10th born and Priyanka  Chopra who is acting as the female lead is born on 18th July. So Hrithik is having Capricorn and Priyanka is born with Cancer as the Sun-Sign of zodiac. If you remember the earlier movies of this duo you might find that they have achieved the success.
Virgo and Pisces goes well with Capricorn and Cancer, so Vivek Oberoi and Raj Pal Yadav makes a square of comfort together. Kangna Ranaut who is Aries(born on 23 March) can do well with the other cast like Arif Zakaria(Sagittarius). Arif Zakaria is born on December 13, so he will be comfortable enough with the Kangna.
All the songs are sung by the Singers who has the Sun-Signs which are compatible with the actors in the movie. Rajesh Roshan being the writer have a Sun-Sign as Virgo, so I am sure he has given a close attention to all the roles and the result in front of everyone.
Honestly I have not watched the movie yet but I could tell it from the cast that this movie is a great entertainment.

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