Monday, September 2, 2013

Wearing Gemstones according to your Constellation of Birth

There are 27 stars and choosing the gemstone according to your star sign is another way to choose the gemstone for you. You have to look for your star sign in your Kundli, and then you have to look for the lord of that star.
Each star has their lord who rule over that star, and star you are born under is influenced by its ruler. So you have to just find out your star and then there are a lot of benefits which will come your way, that is what the astrologers say. I will list here few of the stars, their ruling planet and the lucky gemstone.

  1.  Ashwani: Ashwani is ruled by Ketu and the gemstone of Ketu is Cat's eye. Wear it and it will cure different types of diseases and make you healthy and wealthy.
  2.  Bharani: The ruler of this star is Venus and the gemstone for Venus is Diamond. Diamond will bring you the shines of the glamour world, and all the materialistic happiness.
  3. Krittika: The ruler of this star is the Sun. The gem of the Sun is Ruby, so if you are born under this star Ruby is lucky stone for you. It produces good success in the finance, gain good health and helps to win over the enemies.
  4. Mrigashira: The ruler of this star is Mars, and if you are born under this star then Red Coral is a lucky gemstone for you. This will bring you courage, peace, purity in your heart, controlling anger your passion and boldness.

For more please look at my references and you can find out more.
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Reference: Book Title - Healing Power of Gemstones by V. Rajasushila

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