Thursday, August 1, 2013

Movie Aashiqui-2 - A success

Shradha Kapoor - (source- wikipedia)
Movie title: Aashiqui 2
Budget of movie:  9 crores
Grossed amount: 132 crores (wiki records)
Lead Actors: Aditya Raj Chopra(born 15 Nov) and Shradha Kapoor(born 3 march).
I want to write about one of the astrological reasons among the other factors, which you might "Scorpion" and actress being "Pisces"  it was a very much compatible match for them, and the chemistry between them was a natural spark. There was a lot of natural acting because I think they already are such a good match. This chemistry is the most important thing which attracted the viewers and movie got famous.
conclude by yourself. I think the match of the actor being
Aditya Roy Kapoor - (source -wikipedia)
Some people said that the movie story is not good and it is depressing but still I have seen these same people watching the movie two three times. So no matter they liked the movie story or not they loved to watch the chemistry between a Scorpion and Pisces.
Aditya Rai Chopra, the lead actor of the movie is born on November 15, 1985 and Shraddha Kapoor is born on March 3, 1992  so it makes their Sun sign Scorpion and Pisces, so there was a very big chemistry between the two stars. I know there are so many other factors but this factor is what makes me amazed me this time. It is also said the lead actors were in romantic relation during the making of the movie. The movie budget is 9 cores and movie grossed 132 crores in 11 weeks.

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